Car Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the United States.

In Missouri alone, 821 people were killed and over 50,000 people were injured in car accidents in 2010. That equates to one person killed or injured in a traffic accident every 9.4 minutes. (MODOT).

Even minor car accidents can be very stressful. When you've been injured due to an auto accident, it can be devastating. It can affect every aspect of your day to day life, from your ability to work and care for your family, to your ability to simply enjoy life as you used to. And with the rising cost of medical care, treating those injuries can become expensive.

At the office of Brad Bradshaw, MD, JD, LC, we are committed to helping people recover the lives they had before they were injured. We help our clients get the medical treatment they need, now and in the future, and make sure they are justly compensated for their financial losses.

While we understand the best results for our clients are usually obtained without the necessity of a costly court trial, we are not afraid to take on the insurance companies and fight as hard and long as we need to obtain the outcome our clients deserve. Our experienced attorneys have tried cases all over Missouri, and Dr. Bradshaw's experience as a physician and surgeon puts him in a unique position to know exactly what our clients need to get back to the lives they had before they were injured, and we will work until that goal has been achieved.

We have been working closely with our clients for over 20 years to help ease the stress that comes from being injured in a car accident. Don't wait, if you have been injured in a car accident, call our office today.

There are strict time limits in which a claim for damages and personal injury can be brought against a negligent party. These time limits are often called "Statute of Limitations".  This means that after the incident you only have a certain amount of time in which to file a lawsuit. After that time, your right to file a claim is waived. These statutes vary from state to state, and can vary depending on the circumstances of the claim. If you believe you may have a potential claim, you should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Car Accident

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After driving past multiple cattle in the road, a Good Samaritan had pulled off the side of the road to call 911 and warn of danger. About 30 seconds into the call, a semi-truck struck some of the cattle and veered to the right, hitting the driver of the passenger car, who was still on the phone with 911. The driver of the passenger car sustained a lower cervical fracture resulting in paralysis.