Dangerous Drugs & Devices

At the office of Brad Bradshaw, MD, JD, LC, we work with qualified attorneys throughout the country to investigate claims of dangerous drugs and medical devices that have been found to be defective. 

We are currently investigating possible claims regarding:

Unanticipated side effects from medications or the failure of a medical device can cause greater problems than the condition it was originally prescribed to treat. The consequences of which can range from minimal to devastating.

While many believe the FDA's process for approving medications and medical devices can at times be too lax, drug makers often argue that it does not move fast enough and wastes too much time in getting new medications approved and into the market. There are many loopholes and shortcuts in the FDA's approval process. These shortcuts and loopholes may be to the benefit of the manufacturers of these products and they can be detrimental to consumers by not putting these products through the same rigorous safety testing.

Increasingly, doctors are prescribing drugs for conditions which they were not originally approved to treat. And, while this practice is not illegal, it can be very dangerous. It can put patients at greater risk of medication errors, side effects and unwanted drug reactions. Although there is usually ample medical evidence to support the unapproved uses, that is not always the case. These drugs have not been put through the formal studies required by the FDA to officially approve the drug for new uses.

At the office of Brad Bradshaw, MD, JD, LC, we have been helping injury victims for over 20 years get the medical care and compensation they deserve. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

There are strict time limits in which a claim for damages and personal injury can be brought against a negligent party. These time limits are often called "Statute of Limitations".  This means that after the incident you only have a certain amount of time in which to file a lawsuit. After that time, your right to file a claim is waived. These statutes vary from state to state, and can vary depending on the circumstances of the claim. If you believe you may have a potential claim, you should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney as soon as possible.


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