Car Accidents/Semi-Truck Accidents/Personal Injury

$7.5 million settlement

Spin had stopped on the side of road to report the cattle ial cord injury resulting in paralysis - semi-truck hits cattle wandering in the road, causing truck to swerve to the right and collide with a car thatn roadway.

$4.5 million settlement

A semi-truck was making a turn into a parking lot when it struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was caught under the axle of the truck and dragged for 50 feet. The plaintiff sustained multiple fractures and underwent multiple surgeries.

$3.8 million settlement

A semi-truck driver, who was over his federally limited hours, fell asleep at the wheel, crashing into an oncoming car. Fortunately, the injured parties survived, but they suffered severe injuries. Policy limit settlement.

$2.4 million verdict

Dislocated shoulder, facial/scalp lacerations, injuries to cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine – a charter bus traveling at approximately 55 mph rear-ends a farm tractor on highway, causing severe injuries that worsened pre-existing and degenerative changes in plaintiff's spine.

$2 million (policy limits) settlement

Wrongful death – semi-truck strikes a car which was pulled over on the right shoulder of the highway, killing the driver of the car almost immediately. The driver of the semi-truck tested positive for cocaine and it was discovered he had exceeded the legal driving time allowed for inter.

$1.7 million verdict

Broken back requiring fusion – semi-truck traveling at approximately 65 mph rear-ends a car that was stopped on the interstate due to traffic congestion.

$1.3 million settlement

Dislocated hip requiring surgery – delivery truck driven by drunk driver overturns on a passenger vehicle, severely injuring the driver of the car and plaintiff/passenger. Both required hospitalization and surgery for their injuries. Driver of the car settled for $250,000 prior to completion of discovery. It was discovered that the driver of the delivery truck had been up drinking until just a few hours before reporting to work and had a BAC of 0.159%, almost twice the legal limit.

$971,250 settlement (co-counsel)

Broken leg, internal injuries, 3rd degree burns resulting in loss of limb – product liability involving head-on crash and defective fuel tank design.

$900,000 settlement

Pelvic fracture, dislocated left hip, lumbar fractures requiring surgery and hardware – a car is coming around a curve in the road, crossing over the center line, and strikes left front-end of the plaintiff's vehicle, causing the plaintiff's vehicle to roll on its side.

$550,000 settlement

Disc protrusion requiring fusion – a semi-truck clips the rear-end of an SUV, causing the SUV to roll. The plaintiff did not immediately complain of pain, but was taken to the ER later that day with hip contusion. The plantiff developed severe back pain over the next several weeks. After conservative treatment for over a year failed to resolve the plaintiff's pain, surgery was required. The plaintiff will continue to experience some level of pain and limitations due to his injuries.

$500,000 verdict

Herniated disc with fusion – The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that was clipped by a semi-truck, causing the car to spin around and hit the median and guardrail. The plaintiff suffered a torn annular disc in his back and required a lumbar fusion with hardware. The plaintiff will continue to experience some level of pain and limitations due to his injuries.

$350,000 settlement

Closed head injury, lumbar radiculopathy resulting in discectomy of lumbar spine – The plaintiff was rear-ended by a semi-truck while traveling on the highway.

$300,000 settlement

Soft tissue neck injuries, cubital tunnel requiring surgical release – The plaintiff was in the outside (right) turn lane making a left-hand turn when the vehicle in the inside (left) turn lane came into her lane, causing the plaintiff to take evasive action. The car in the inside turn lane struck the plaintiff, forcing the plaintiff off the road and onto a curb. The plaintiff collided with a metal utility pole. The force of the impact caused the utility pole to be sheared off at the base.


Burns from explosion caused by defective canister.

$250,000 settlement

Fractured fibula, medial meniscal tear, hematoma in thigh requiring skin graft – The driver of a car exits the parking lot and crosses from the outside lane to the inside lane, failing to notice the plaintiff, who is approaching on a motorcycle. The plaintiff was unable avoiding striking the car and was thrown from the motorcycle, suffering serious injuries.


Closed head trauma – Motor vehicle accident.


Soft-tissue back injury with aggravation of diabetic condition.

$225,000 settlement

Fractured ribs, soft-tissue neck injuries, internal injuries, fractured sternum – The plaintiff was traveling eastbound on a divided highway when a utility truck attempted to cross the eastbound lanes of traffic to make a left turn onto the westbound lanes of the highway. The plaintiff was unable to avoid colliding with the utility truck and suffered serious injuries.

$200,000 settlement

Cervical disc protrusion requiring discectomy with fusion – The plaintiff was coming to a stop at a yellow light when he was rear-ended.

$180,000 verdict

Soft-tissue back injury – The plaintiff was rear-ended by an inattentive driver operating an iPod while the plaintiff was waiting to exit the freeway.

$125,000 settlement

Shattered right elbow requiring surgery, tendon severed on 4th digit – The plaintiff was a passenger in a car that was struck head-on by another vehicle while coming around a curve.

$105,000 verdict

Right hip labral tear requiring surgical repair – A semi-truck made a left-hand turn into an oncoming car, injuring the driver of the car. The truck driver claims the plaintiff was speeding, and that a construction zone and train trestle obstructed his visibility.

$100,000 settlement

Soft-tissue neck injury, severe left ankle sprain requiring ligament reconstruction – The plaintiff was in the left lane passing a semi-truck in the right lane when the driver of the semi-truck began to merge into the plaintiff's lane. The plaintiff attempted to speed up to avoid being struck by the semi-truck. The semi-truck struck the rear of the plaintiff's vehicle, causing the vehicle to flip multiple times.

$100,000 settlement

Bulging discs – The plaintiff was rear-ended while at a complete stop by an inattentive driver, which forced her car to collide with the vehicle in front of her.

Medical Malpractice

$12 million

Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in cerebral palsy

$10 million

Medical malpractice during delivery, surgical complications resulting in paralysis

$6 million

Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

$4 million

Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in cerebral palsy

$1.95 million settlement

Permanent brain damage suffered by infant being admitted to ER for dehydration

$1.5 million settlement

Failure to diagnose blood clot resulting in amputation

$1.25 million

Failure to diagnose colon cancer on colonoscopy and follow-up capsule in endoscopy resulting in a material loss of chance of survival

$1.1 million

Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in cerebral palsy

$1.09 million

Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in cerebral palsy


Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in brachial plexis & erbs palsy


Medical malpractice – laceration of popliteal artery during surgery


Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in infant death

$400,000 settlement

Failure to diagnose brain aneurysm resulting in death


Failure to diagnose subdural hematoma


Medical malpractice during delivery resulting in infant death

$350,000 settlement

Cardiomyopathy due to overdose of medication, pharmacy compounding error


Medical malpractice causing laceration of facial nerve during surgery


Partial loss of foot after bypass surgery


Medical malpractice causing laceration of popliteal artery during surgery


Medical malpractice causing retained sponge after surgery

Car Accident


Medical Malpractice

The Story Behind
Our TV Spot

After driving past multiple cattle in the road, a Good Samaritan had pulled off the side of the road to call 911 and warn of danger. About 30 seconds into the call, a semi-truck struck some of the cattle and veered to the right, hitting the driver of the passenger car, who was still on the phone with 911. The driver of the passenger car sustained a lower cervical fracture resulting in paralysis.