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What is Mediation?

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Mediation occurs when two parties are in a legal dispute as an alternative to going to trial—a process which can be very costly as well as time consuming. By contrast, a successful mediation can resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Most civil, or noncriminal, cases or disputes are eligible for mediation. When compared to a trial, mediation is private, fair, and any agreements are typically confidential. The particulars about any given case, the opposing sides, or any additional factors can be kept private, as opposed to lawsuits which become a matter of public record. Mediations are not binding and neither side is required to settle their case, but they often do settle at mediation – allowing both sides to leave with a definitive resolution of the case.

A mediator will meet with both parties and attempt to come to a resolution agreeable to everyone involved. Likewise, a mediator can offer advice and insight on the likelihood of certain outcomes should the case go to trial, and point out the strengths and weaknesses of either argument.

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