1. If you have health insurance, tell all healthcare providers you have insurance.  DO NOT direct the health care provider to bill the other driver’s insurance.  If a medical provider indicates it will not bill your insurance, let your paralegal know immediately. 

2. DO NOT post about your case on Facebook or other social media.  Anything you say about your case or your physical condition is likely discoverable. 

3. DO NOT talk to health care providers about your case.  DO NOT indicate to a health care provider you are requesting a certain test or referral to a doctor at the advice of your attorney.  If a health care provider asks for information about your case, contact us before providing any information.

4. DO NOT discuss your personal injury case with the other party’s insurance company once you have hired us.  You may discuss your claim for damage to your car or other property, but do not discuss your injuries. 

5. Always be honest and truthful.  Provide truthful information to your attorney AND your medical providers.  Give your best effort during medical treatments, and do not to exaggerate your symptoms or limitations.  If you fail to provide truthful or complete information about your medical history or current condition, the insurance company will use that as evidence to a jury that you are not being honest with them.