Years of Experience

Our success if based in part on the fact that our law firm is perhaps the only law firm in the United States to have as its founding member a lawyer who also trained in Trauma Surgery and is intimately familiar with the treatment and long term needs of spinal cord patients, and has as an affiliated lawyer who is also a Board Certified Neurosurgeon. In factually similar cases, our office has help clients with spinal cord injuries receive millions of dollars more in compensation.

There are strict time limits in which a claims resulting in Spinal Cord Injuries. These time limits are called "Statute of Limitations".  This means that after the incident you only have a certain amount of time in which to file a lawsuit. After that time, your right to file a claim is completely barred. These statutes vary depending on the type of claim, “cause of action”, and from state to state. Some states offer exceptions to the limitations in rare circumstances, but some do not. Because of the varied causes or actions, and the complex time limits, if you believe you may have a potential claim, you should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney as soon as possible. 

What to Do When You've Been Injured

Keep diaries of what went wrong, and the recovery process. Also, take photographs of the injuries, rehabilitation, and keep copies of any medical records you receive.

We take pride in helping our clients with Spinal Cord Injuries obtain the best in ongoing medical attention. Your health is more important than anything else. We have helped several a patients obtain admission to the world’s best Spinal Cord Rehabilitation hospitals, including Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. If you may need transfer to a different hospital, and you become our client, we will do our best to help you obtain this high quality medical care.

Things You Should Know

Long Term Medical Care and Financial Compensation

Perhaps the most important aspect of any Spinal Cord Injury case is obtaining sufficient compensation to cover all long term care needs. In many cases we will obtain a document called a “Life Care Plan” or a “Continuation of Care” plan that will provide a detailed analysis of likely needed future medical care. We then have an economist evaluate this plan to ensure the adequate numbers are used to cover inflation and future anticipated costs. In some cases will also involve an annuitant to give our client the option of having lifetime payments, payments guaranteed for life. Lastly, we also provide the ability to structure settlements in a “trust” so that our client can continue to receive government benefits and social security as well as the settlement payments.The economist expert, mentioned above, will also evaluate and calculated lost wages and lost future earnings potential so that we can recover that for our client as well. This money can be included in the annuity, if our client desires, so that the lifetime payments can be increased.